I've been working as a professional maintenance technician for the past 15 years for both commercial and residential property owners. Education is something that I am very passionate about. Here are some of the areas I've received specialized training in:

  Power Engineering - Milwaukee Area Technical College

  Hydraulics - Gateway Technical College

  Arc Flash Certification - Cintas

  Power Plant Operators License - ASOPE

  Powered Access License - AWPT

I enjoy taking the time after a task is completed to educate property owners of routine maintenance that can be done to alleviate future problems. 

I have an extensive tool collection that I've built over the past 15 years.  I also stock inventory of common parts used in most projects. This allows me to complete a job quickly and efficiently.

Community involvement is very important to me. I like to offer my experience where it is needed most, especially in helping homeowners and the next generation of homeowners. Teaching youth the importance of skilled trade is one of my passions! I also help the community with graffiti removal, youth empowerment, and economic development (especially in the West Valley where we are headquartered).



About Me