Most of my career has been in industrial maintenance. I have had extensive training in LOTO, OSHA code, NEC, arc flash, industrial truck safety, and Overhead cranes.

Here are some pictures of equipment and machine tools that I have serviced. Some of these images are projects that I have designed, engineered, and fabricated myself.

I enjoy being presented with  problems and figuring out ways to safely and efficiently tackle them!

The 2 pictures on the left are from when the oven was at our sister plant. You can see that there are 2 overhead doors on the front of the unit. The other is the finished project that is significantly longer and has upgraded insulated roll up doors on both sides.

The next 4 are from a exhaust system I designed that greatly improved the air quality in part of the plant. A no-loss stack was used on the roof to reduce CFM losses.

The next set of pictures was a massive project that I spearheaded that tested all of my experience. A very large paint curing oven was given to us from our sister plant that needed to me modified and set up for practical purposes in our plant. It started out as a side by side unit with overhead doors on the front only. We needed it to be 12 feet longer and have doors on both the front and back so that production flow was maximized.

The rest of the pictures are of some of the equipment that I'm familiar with.

The pictures above are from a project that I designed from when we went from a standard water recycling system to a acid bath for paint preparation.  The picture on the left was a multi-stage recycling system that used UV and microbes to scrub the water. As we leaned out our process the decision was made to make it a paint prep bay. The old PLC operated system was replaced with a VERY SIMPLE system designed by myself that pumped the acid water through 20 micron filter paper and up to the 1400 gallon holding tank. Gravity was used to supply the pressure washer pump with just enough pressure so that I didn't have to install more pumps and holding tanks. The whole system went from a maintenance nightmare to a very simple system that only has 3 pumps. Various improvements were made to the system as the months passed like installing valving/piping that allowed the pump truck to easily remove the acid water with little effort.